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Ha-19 (Midget Submarine, 1938-1941).

Ha-19, a 46-ton Type "A" midget submarine, was built at Kure, Japan, in 1938. In November-December 1941, she was transported aboard the larger submarine I-24 to the waters off Pearl Harbor, where she was one of five midget submarines launched to participate on the 7 December Japanese raid.

A non-functioning gyrocompass prevented Ha-19 from entering Pearl Harbor. After many adventures, she went aground at Waimanalo, on the east coast of Oahu. The submarine and her pilot, Ensign Kazuo Sakamaki, were captured on 8 December. Ensign Sakamaki was the first Japanese prisoner of war taken by the United States during the Pacific War.

Ha-19 was salvaged and later sent to the United States' mainland, where she was featured at War Bond drives throughout the country. After the end of World War II she was exhibited for many years at Key West, Florida. In 1991, Ha-19 was moved to Fredericksburg, Texas, where she remains on display at the Admiral Nimitz museum.

Beached on Oahu, after it went aground following attempts to enter Pearl Harbor during the 7 December 1941 Japanese attack.
The photograph was taken on or shortly after 8 December 1941.

HA-19 Conning Tower
Annotated photograph of the starboard side of the submarine's conning tower, showing periscope, net cutting wire and other features, taken after salvage by U.S. forces, December 1941.
HA-19 had grounded on 7 December 1941, following unsuccessful attempts to enter Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack.

Copied in 1980 from Commander Submarine Squadron Four report, Serial 0570, of 26 December 1941.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.