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The following page, and soon to be pages will depict the hamgear I am using or have used in the past.

My Staked 2 meter Lambda loops.

I got the idea for these Lambda loops from the RSGB VHF/UHF handbook.  It is made up of one wavelength of aluminum strap (easy to bend).  3/4 wave length in the circle, and 1/8 wave length bent toward the center for a matching stub.  That makes a total of one wavelength.  i.e. 3/4 wave length plus two parrallel 1/8 wavelengths.

I stacked the 5/8 wave length apart.  Fed by 3/4 wave of 75 ohm coax to the top, and 1/4 wave to the bottom that is flipped upside down compared to the top loop.

Then the array is fed with 50 ohm coax.

While travelling out to East Texas on I-30 I quite often worked K5SW in Muskogee OK.  I caught 2-meter E-skip several times on long drives while calling CQ in beacon mode.

The first one was in Steamboat Springs, and also worked the Baha, Peurto Rico, Cuba, and Aruba.  All on E-skip.




I used to have two hamstik dipoles up 40 feet. One on 20, and the other on 40. This picture was taken after a rare 10 inch snowfall.
Hanging a lambda Loop.

A line shot over a tall tree and Lambda Loop pulled up to 40 feet.