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Welcome To The SVARA website

The SVARA (Submarine Veterans Amateur Radio) is dedicated to public relations of submarines.
Especially helping the submarines (and some targets) on public display.

We hold radio nets on 14.343 (+/- QRM) every weekday.
at 1130 to 1300 Eastern time. Regardless of daily savings or standard time. 1030 to 1200 Central time; 0930 to 1100 mountain time; and 0830 to 1000 Pacific time.

Special Events

There will be no more SOTA "Submarines on-the-air" events.

Instead, the submarines will be active during the museum ships event.




World wide submarines on the air working other submarines and amateur stations.
frequencies: (all +/-15 Khz) CW 3543, 7043, 14.043, 21043, 28043, 50.093, 144.203
SSB: 3843, 3943, 7243, 7279(after 2000 Central), 14.243, 21.283, 21,373, 28.343, 50.143, 144.243.
FM: 29.600, 52.525,  146.540 or 146.550, 147.540

Second generation submariner W0OOG

Down the forward hatch at the Silversides.

I'll be putting new items on this website   Inputs appreciated.



First generation submariner K4RQQ SK

Down the forward hatch of the Requin.









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