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Fredericksburg  1943 HA-19 on tour

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This is a good place to put pictures, thumbnails, drawings, clip art, etc...
Here are a bunch of pictures from the past activities.

Bill W9PPG

Ol Tom, K0EFV SK

John(SK) & Bruce on the HMCS Haida

Ed KQ4DC operating on the USS Yorktown CV-10

Lil two-guns cartoon

Ed Walker operating NJ4DU in Clamagore sonar room.


Orris, N5OH QTH

"The Digger" Earl Rossing W9ZZU SK

Ken Recoy (on batfish bod) and Capt. Chan Zucker of HNSA man the Batfish bowplanes

Family (I forgot who - need help) alonside the USS Nebraska ssbn 739

"East meets West" Dean, W1YH & Charlie KA6BSB (SK)

Mike, WA8KCZ & wife

WB0ZLM(SK) on the USS Marlin

WB0ZLM (SK) & W0CAP ??? on the Marlin

Cathy & Bob Morin director of the Silversides in Muskegan, MI

N7... ? Jim visiting the Cavalla Nov. 11, 2001


USS Ling in Hackensack, NJ showing the antennas

KC2BLN(SK) & K2DBK on the USS Ling

N2ZAQ & N2ROM on the USS Ling

WA2PFS on the USS Ling

WB2AWQ on the USS Ling

Working on the antennas on the USS Ling.

The Torsk volunteers

The Croaker volunteers July 4th in Buffalo.

5btv verticle antenna on the Silversides.

Ed Walker, KQ4DC operating in radio room off USS Clamagore (NJ4DU)

Eyeball QSO with the W5KID guys; Jim and ........

Bill Tunnel CEO of Battleship Park giving me Malcom Baldrigde Award