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And here's more pictures!


USS Clamagore SK from the flight deck of the USS Yorktown


L to R . . .W0OOG & N0HU SK in his radio room.

Early this June, (2004) I stopped at Max's place on the way back from Idaho. We pigged out at Golden Corral and spun stories late in the night.

Carl, KG0HS & W0OOG at Holiday Inn Denver

On the way out to Idaho to get my travel trailer, I stopped long enough to have supper with Carl, tell a few yarns, get a little shuteye etc.

My Dodge Dakota & travel trailer in NE Utah.

Comming back from Idaho, I stopped at this viewing spot. It is where the Union Pacific cut through the mountains to link east and west.

You can see the railroad in the background.

My Dakota and I Field Day 2004.

nuff said.

L to R . . . w0oog + VA3BBW SK + VA3USN SK

Some time ago. . maybe October 2002 the three of us downed a real fine meal + good wine at a Holiday Inn near Niagra Falls.  Bruce and John came down to operate on the USS Juneau and I was in Buffalo for the annual HNSA meeting.  We all contacted Tom, K0EFV in Waterloo, Iowa from the Juneau to commemorate the Five Sulivan Brothers.

Brian, K9VKY and I

Wow!  On the way back from Buffalo, as I was getting on a US Air, I chanced to meet Brian.  He saw my submarine ball cap. Said: " I volunteer on the Requin."  I said: "Then you must be Brian."  Then he upgraded me to first class all the way back to Dallas.  It sure is great to have friends in "high places". Even if you haven't meet them in person before.

Ham Radio breakfast at the Corner Bakery

I need to dig back in my memory on some of these people.

Bare with me:

Left to right:   Frank  W5RNF SK;  W8??? (From Cleavland); W0OOG (me);  my wife Marie;

wife of WA5SWD;  WA5SWD.

HEY!!! Look at me!

Can you believe it? Sitting in the Pilot seat of a 737!

And First Class all the way back to Dallas!

What a blast!

USS Croaker in Buffalo

She's been moved since.

John McMicheal giving Military Park members a tour of Croaker.

The Croaker was John's qaul boat. So he gave the Park guys info the would never learn otherwise. (and me too!)

One view of Croaker Radio Room.

Not much here!

Croaker Radio Room.

Not much left in the radio room.