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U 805 and VE day at two New England Sub Bases

The inspiration for this page began when a fellow Ham checked into the subvets radio net.

He was a quartermaster on a yard tugboat during WWII (see below).

John (Jack) Dawson sent me pictures that I enhanced and put on this website.  Some of the pictures will be on following pages because I found a wealth of information about the u-bout picture he sent. 

U 805 makes a tour to the New London Sub Base

"Jack" Dawson didn't know what a treasure this picture is and didn't know what sub it was.  However, it opened to a wealth of WWII history that is not well known AND some of it is about to be lost.

U-805 at Portsmouth, NH
German boat U-805, the first Nazi submarine to surrender in New England waters, arrives in Portsmouth Harbor with American seamen seen here on board. Note rowboat in background. Many German souvenirs found their way into the city via a network of local onlookers.
U-805 about to surrender
German officers aboard the U-805 as it is escorted to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine, then the largest American submarine base in the Northeast in 1945.
The captured U-805 arrives in the Piscataqua in May 1945.
Notice the American flag now fflies over the U-805. And the U.S. Navy has taken over.
The German crew of the U-805 proudly in dress uniforms
This rare photo shows not the surrender, but the commissioning of the U-boat 873 in Bremen Germany, the year before it arrived in Portsmouth, NH. The picture was given to a member of the US Coast Guard escort ship by a captured German crewman.
YTB 174 and Crew

I'll have more info in this paragraph as I quiz Jack about the times on the Thames. 

Some of the tugs duties were to recover practice torpedos, and to monitor "first dives" of new submarines during there trials.

Gold Star Memorial Bridge between New London and Groton, Conn.

This bridge, in 1945 just replaced the draw bridge just like the rail road bridge you can see in the picture. The old draw bridge ran from "East New London, just north of the Fulton over in front of the State Police barracks in Groton.



For more info on the U-805, click the link below